Courses given at ITB

TG3222 Geodinamics

  1. Introduction
  2. The structure of the earth interior
  3. Plate tectonics
  4. Mantle convection
  5. Subduction zone
  6. Hotspots
  7. Driving force
  8. The mechanism of rock deformations
  9. Review


TG4227 The Mechanics of Faulting and Earthquakes

TG3132 The Mechanics of Earth Crustal

TG5032 Geomechanics in Geophysics

  1. Introduction to Geomechanics
  2. In-situ stress measurement
  3. Pore pressure
  4. Rock Failure
  5. [Hands on] Failure analysis
  6. [Hands on] Failures of inclined wells

TG3290 Kuliah Lapangan Teknik Geofisika


Workshop and trainings

1. Workshop on Geothermal Exploration and Exploitation


2. Worskhop on Passive Seismic Somography (PST)


3. Trainings on scientific publication at various Universities



4. Workshop “Cara Sulit (Tapi Benar) untuk Menyiapkan Publikasi Ilmiah Internasional bagi Dosen dan Mahasiswa S3”

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5. Summer School ITB 2018 “Geohazard”

Introduction to stress modeling in an active tectonic: a case of geothermal field